Here are some much needed fishing tips:


Aquaman Mozam’s Fishing Tips

These Tips are Specifically for Trout and Apply to all Fish:

  • Use flies and artificial lures to reduce hook mortality.
  • Use single, barbless hooks to maximize survival and minimize tissue damage.
  • Subdue your fish as quickly as possible.
  • Be ready to unhook fish with necessary tools before bringing the fish in your hand.
  • When possible, slide your hand down the line and grab the hook and turn it upside down. 
  • Always wet your hands before handling fish to minimize loss of slime.
  • Handle fish carefully!  Don’t squeeze them!  Cradle trout like an egg or baby bird.  Always support the middle section with the palm of your hand.
  • Don’t lay trout on the ground – this can damage their internal organs.
  • Never touch the gills or eyes.
  • Only use rubber or cotton nets, avoid nylon nets with knots.
  • Use hooks that rust quickly, never use stainless steel hooks.
  • Keep exposure to air at a minimum, less than a total of 20 seconds.
  • If necessary, leave a hook that is deeply imbedded in the fish by cutting the line.  Take pictures of the fish in the water
  • Always hold fish horizontally, never vertically.
  • Gently hold fish in the current and allow it time to resuscitate.  An erect dorsal fin indicates the fish is recharged.
  • Watch the fish as it swims away.  If it falters, repeat the resuscitation process. 

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Comment by AquamanMozam on April 30, 2011 at 10:24pm

I went to West Point Lake fishing today April 30, 2011. This was my first time fishing this lake ever in life. The water conditions were terrible from the aftermath of that E4 Tornado and horrible weather 3 nights prior. The water looked like chocolate milk and was very low. You could be in 11ft of water and two minutes later be in 2ft of water which is very dangerous in a boat. All in All, I must say the strip bass fishing was great.


So here's the Tip of the day: "Caution" Please proceed with caution when entering unknown grounds! Always speak to the locals for information about the lake conditions and fishing.  Stay tuned for more Tips by Aquaman-Mozam and




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