Mike Iaconelli partners with Rapala lure designers to develop new crankbait patterns to his exact specs!

  Ike’s Custom Ink  
  Rapala Launches New "Custom Ink"
DT-Series at Classic

Every tattoo tells a story. The ‘ink,’ as the street calls these permanent markings, are individual works of art, indeed. Artisan bass angler Mike “Ike” Iaconelli has offered his unique talents to assist in the development of a masterpiece series of lures that are destined for tournament success.

Ike inspired crankbait patterns include a cadence of colors and patterns for his most beloved baits, the DT-Series. The paint’s dried, fading finalized, and Iaconelli’s new Ike’s Custom InkDT-Series will debut at the 2012 BASSMASTER Classic in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana, February 24 – 26.     

“I’m used to giving baits my own personal touch, tweaking them,” said the 2003 BASSMASTER Classic champ and longtime DT crankbaiter. This time, says the mighty Ike, those oh-so-special modifications come right out-of-the-box from the crankbait masters at Rapala.

  Interview with Ike. Watch the Video.  

Ike’s Custom Ink DT-Series comes in 8 unique color palettes: (color names). As well, like the rest of the DT (Dives-To) Series, each model is designed to achieve a specific depth. The DT-4 (4-feet), DT-6 (6-feet), DT-10 (10-feet), DT-14 (14-feet), DT-18 (18-feet) and DT-20 (20-feet).


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